Ofer Levin Investments: When Artistic Turmoil Causes Political Mayhem

Ofer Levin - David Reeb Camels

In an interview with ‘Arutz Sheva’, the financial strategist and owner of the Levin Art Collection, Ofer Levin Austria, referred to the recent David Reeb affair, in which the artist’s work had been removed from an exhibition at the Ramat Gan Museum, after causing a political turmoil.

Levin said: “If you are able to filter out all the background noises you will find that Reeb was, and still is, an important and unique voice in Israeli art”. Gideon Ofrat, renowned art critique, who was teaching at Bezalel Academy at the time of Reeb’s studies there, recalled: “It was clear to me, as to the other faculty members, that he was a uniquely talented artist whose voice would be heard”.